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2.0 Bagless Backpack Vacuum

Prolux 2.0 BAGLESS BACKPACK VACUUM The Prolux 2.0 uses Patented Technology that is revolutionizing cleaning. When Prolux took on the challenge of inventing the worlds first bagless backpack vac they also had to re invent bagless technology. The result is a bagless backpack vacuum that weighs only 9 lbs. and is 40% more efficient than current bagless tech. The reality is backpack vacs are 2 – 3 times quicker than using an upright. BUT they are heavy and bulky. One of the lead engineers at Prolux is a petite woman and she was insistent that this vacuum be both lightweight and comfortably worn by anyone. The Prolux 2.0 has washable HEPA filters and eliminates bag use. The tools are simple to use. In short, The 2.0 solves all the problems that backpack vacuums have Prolux labs tested several bagless vacuums and found that they all have the same problem. The filters are easily clogged by dust and they do not offer deep cleaning power until the Prolux 2.0. Prolux figured out a way to separate dust from filters AND have deep cleaning power. This was accomplished by creating a “Vortex Chamber” that forces dust away from the filter. The 2.0 motor creates 125 CFM and the chamber is designed in a way that causes the filter to be self cleaning.5 year motor and 3 year body warranty for household use.90 day Commercial warranty. Accessories – Includes telescopic wand, duster brush, crevice, upholstery, floor tool, electric main hose, mini turbo nozzle and Prolux Deluxe Power Nozzle.

  • Patented design – Patented Prolux 2.0 Technology is revolutionizing cleaning. Prolux technology is 40% more efficient than previous bagless tech and after many hours dedicated to testing, the 2018 model is even more user friendly. The Prolux 2.0 “vortex chamber” is designed to force dust away from the filter which prevents clogs in the upper HEPA filter. The 2018 model has a design change that causes the HEPA filter to be self cleaning, virtually eliminating upper HEPA filter clogs. This design ensures that you will never lose suction
  • Model – Prolux 2.0 with Power Nozzle Kit for household use. Prolux bagless technology is 40% more efficient than current bagless vacuums. This model includes 35 foot cord, telescopic wand, duster, crevice, upholstery, floor tool, electric main hose with power switch and mini turbo nozzle. Most importantly this 2.0 comes with a Prolux Deluxe Power Nozzle. The deluxe power nozzle has many convenient features, including; locking pivot, carpet height adjustment, thermal shutoff protection with reset button, rubber bumper and LED headlights
  • MANEUVERABILITY – The problem with most commercial vacuums today is that they are heavy, tools are difficult to use and they are expensive to maintain. The Prolux 2.0 comes with washable HEPA filters not to mention it eliminates the need to buy bags altogether. The tools are simple to use and most importantly. The whole unit weighs only 9 lbs. Compact and light weight design makes The 2.0 easy to use in your home. Backpack carry is especially convenient for multi level homes. 1.5 in. commercial tool kits and electric power nozzle kits can be used on any Prolux 2.0 2018 model. The 2.0 solves all the problems that today’s commercial vacuums have
  • Dependable – features a 125 CFM thermal protected motor with motor bypass valve technology, never worry about over filling or burning up your motor, a clear bagless dust bin protects from over filling and thermal bypass valve protects the motor from burning up if ever over filled, this coupled with Washable HEPA filters and self cleaning upper filter allows Prolux to offer a 5 Year motor and 3 Year body Warranty for household use (90 top to bottom warranty on commercial use)
  • 2018 MODEL – Prolux strives to offer improved and more user friendly products. For this reason Prolux has dedicated many hours of on site use, lab testing and gathering user feedback to offer an improved 2.0 experience. The 2018 model has improved straps, enhanced “Vortex Chamber”, self cleaning upper HEPA filter, insulated motor chamber and improved chamber seals. These upgrades have improved overall performance, comfort and durability. In short, The Prolux Team has taken an already superior product and pushed it to the next level
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I bought this vacuum because my family hates vacuuming. We live in a house with tile floors (no carpet anywhere), 3 dogs and a cat that go in and out all day and with them comes non-stop never-ending dirt and pet hair throughout our house, I mean everywhere! We tried many vacuums over the years of all types and brands (Miele, Dyson, and Bissell to name just a few) and none of them could stand up to the pet hair in my house. Our Prolux is easy to use, lightweight and picks up the pet hair and dust with ease, I can vacuum my entire house in about 30 minutes. There is no muss no fuss with dragging a canister around banging into walls – it wears like a backpack, very comfortable and not heavy at all, and what i like best is its powerful with a long cord – and its easy to clean!



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