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5 differences between the Commercial 1750 and the T 8.5 S treadmill by Nordictrack

Which Treadmill should you Buy? At a quick glance, it appears the Nordictrack Commercial 1750 and the T 8.5 S are very similar. So we took a look and break-down differences between the two treadmills to help you decide which might be a better fit for your home gym.

Five Areas where the Nordictrack C1750 differs from the T 8.5 S:

✓ Incline and Decline
✓ Tread Size
✓ Motor Size
✓ Screen size
✓ Price

Treadmill Incline/Decline

Try not to under-estimate ‘the power of the incline.’ If your looking to burn calories quicker just walking at a 10%+ incline, everyday even if it’s for a little while, can be so much more effective.

The Nordictrack Commercial 1750 offers 15% incline and a -3% decline. For those runners that are training for an outdoor race or friendly competitive run the option to decline the deck and a slightly higher (3%) incline is beneficial. The T 8.5 S offers a 12% incline which is still plenty to offer a challenging workout whether walking, running or doing both in intervals.



C1750 Treadmill: 22” W x 60” L
T 8.5 S Treadmill: 20” W x 60” L

The Commercial 1750 tread has a 2 inch wider deck. This makes it roomier and definitely preferable for those 6 ft and over, allowing you more room to move your arms freely without feeling constricted.

The T 8.5 S while slightly narrower, is still a comfortable size. It does feel a little more constricted than the C1750, but for most, especially those under 6 ft, they reported they did not notice it while walking or jogging and that it felt spacious enough.

Both treadmills decks support impact cushioning. With Runners Flex on the C1750 runners have options for cushioning to reduce hip, knee & joint stress up to 30% or alternatively to simulate real road-like conditions. On the T 8.5 S this option is called Flex Select. Both treadmills support the ability to turn cushioning on or off depending on your preference, but it’s a little quicker to do so on the Commercial 1750.

To activate the  Flex Select cushioning  option on the  T Series treadmills  each orange cushioning isolator, on each side of the deck, has to be turned one half turn for impact reduction
To activate the Flex Select cushioning option on the T Series treadmills each orange cushioning isolator, on each side of the deck, has to be turned one half turn for impact reduction

MOTOR SIZE: [tied]

When deciding on a treadmill make sure you try to match the motor’s rating to the tread’s expected activity. Check the continuous-duty horsepower rating (CHP). The higher this rating, the more intense use & longer life your treadmill will perform.

Motor Size – it’s Tied3.75 vs. 3.5 CHP – VERY CLOSE

Commercial 1750 Treadmill: 3.75 CHP
T 8.5 S Treadmill: 3.5 CHP

The Commercial 1750 has a slightly larger CHP (3.75 vs. 3.5 ) for a little more durability but basically it’s a tie. Nordictrack builds its treadmills with a bigger motor case for less vibration and are all self-cooling, plus provides a lifetime warranty on these motors.

Both motors for these two treadmills are more than sufficient for most runners’ needs. The motor on the Commercial 1750 is especially quiet running.


Both the Commercial 1750and the T 8.5 S come with the first year of an iFit subscription included in the price – a $396 Value. Going forward, after the first year, you can extend the iFit membership at a monthly $39 cost which is about a dollar a day, or pay the annual membership of $396 all at once ($33 per month which allows a family plan of 4 additional users.) iFit provides you an extensive choice of classes and trainer-led destination workouts, so it’s really good value no matter which equipment you purchase.

To summarize, an iFit membership will allow you to stream unlimited trainer-led studio and destination workouts to your machines touchscreen or tablet and automatically sync your equipment’s incline or speed with the trainer or the terrain you encounter. iFit membership includes off the tread exercise routines and mixes it up with combination interval and HIIT training which includes yoga, strength training and kickboxing to name some.

And, if you decide to expand your home gym to include other Proform or Nordictrack options, you only have to buy one iFit membership subscription. iFit classes and workouts will be available across all your exercise equipment.

Both the  Commercial 1750  &  T 8.5 S treadmills  have 10 inch touchscreens to follow trainer led iFit classes on. The first year of an  iFit  subscription is included in the price of your exercise equipment
Both the Commercial 1750 & T 8.5 S treadmills have 10 inch touchscreens to follow trainer led iFit classes on. The first year of an iFit subscription is included in the price of your exercise equipment

Price vs. Features

The Commercial 1750 at $1,799 is $400 more thanthe T 8.5 Sat $1,399. The cost difference is mainly because the Commercial 1750 has a larger 3.75 CHP motor, a 2” wider running deck at 22” x 60” and offers a higher incline plus the decline option of -3%, has an extra fan and extra speaker.

Both models have fans with AutoBreeze to keep you cool, (the fans increase output with your workout intensity), The warranty for both treadmills is the same with a 10 frame & motor warranty, a 2 year warranty on parts & electronics and 1 year labor warranty.

Both support user weight up to 300 lbs. and have running deck options for cushioning to reduce hip, knee & joint stress.

Both treadmills have 10 inch touchscreens to view iFit classes, your stats and make iFit trainer or workout selections on.

Finally both Treadmills also allow the running deck to be easily lifted up and folded up when not in use. Small wheels are at the front for when the treadmill needs to be moved. Nice options if your home gym is tight on space.

A Side-note: If screen size is an important factor for you then you may want to consider comparing the next treadmill in the T Series and checkout the T 9.5 S model, which matches feature for feature with the T 8.5 S, but has a larger 14 inch screen.

T 9.5 S with 14” TouchscreenCOMPARE T SERIES TREADS
BOTH RUNNING DECKS FOLDSimple to lift-up, fold, then put down again

Buy the Commercial 1750 or the T 8.5 S

Which one should you buy? Deciding between these two treads can be a little tricky as they seem to offer most of the same features – SEE TABLE BELOW.

The Commercial 1750 has the additional 3% incline and -3% decline options which is better suited for training for outdoor races/runs. It was designed with an extra roomy deck of 22” x 60” which will be more comfortable and can accommodate those over 6 ft allowing extra room for arm movement. These options make the decision easier if you want to train in more road like conditions (up and down hills). If you are looking to run/walk, still have a 12% incline option and are under 6 ft. you will be happy with the T 8.5 S. Both offer good durable options for daily 30 minute plus runs by multiple users and integrate well with iFit interactive trainer-led classes.

Honorable Mention for the T 9.5 S Treadmill

When discussing the T 8.5 S treadmill (part of Nordictrack’s ‘T Series’ note that the T 9.5 S is exactly the same machine except for the larger touchscreen, which is 14 inches wide vs. 10 inches on the T 8.5 S model). You will end up giving back the $400 saved over the 1750 but if you prefer a bigger screen to stream iFit workout and classes, consider the T 9.5 S against the Commercial 1750.



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