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Buy a 3 year iFit membership – Get a Proform Treadmill for Free

Get a free ProForm Treadmill, indoor exercise bike, Rower, Elliptical or HIIT Trainer to crush your fitness goals with support from real trainers. Yes it sounds too good to be true – but it’s not with the new ProForm Plus program. We discuss the program and highlight features each ProForm Plus equipment piece offered.


Here’s the deal – just subscribe to a 3 year iFit Membership, where you only pay $39 per month for iFit personal interactive training and ProForm gives you a free ProForm Treadmill ¹ – no strings, no catch – with Zero % interest and free delivery to your door. All equipment comes with a 10-Year warranty on the Frame, 2-Year Parts, & 1-Year Labor Warranty.


ProForm is offering this deal for 3 years of iFit membership ($39/ month) across 5 different pieces of exercise equipment. You can choose either the popular Proform Studio Bike Limited, the best seller Proform Carbon T7 Treadmill, the low impact, easy-on-your-knees Carbon E7 Elliptical, the 750R Rower or the Carbon HIIT H7 HIIT Trainer all for just $39/month.¹

Just $39/month you get a FREE treadmill, bike, rower or elliptical PLUS personal training from the BEST instructors including elite personal trainers like John Peel, fitness stars from NYC’s hottest gyms like Alex Silver-Fagen, and Olympic rowing medalists like Alex Gregory. Proform Plus can save you big time and fit your fitness goals into an affordable budget, excuse the pun! All equipment with FREE Shipping. No excuses and no limits as to how far you can go in exceeding your fitness or weight goals – working out at home.

¹ (subject to credit approval) Select from a treadmill, exercise bike, rower, elliptical or hiit trainer


Trainer-Led Interactive Training

If you are time-starved, love being motivated, want to stay fit or need to shred some pounds meet iFit, it will take your workout a to a whole new level and make your exercise equipment much more engaging and fun to use. iFit trainer-control is something that no other exercise equipment company offers. Trainers can adjust real-time your machine’s resistance, speed, incline or decline to match the workout or terrain you are running through, cycling, hiking or rowing on as they lead you though spectacular locations across the globe. Your instructor can auto-adjust every setting to synchronize with your personalized workout making this a much more interactive and immersive training experience – it’s a lot less likely you or your body (muscles) will be bored.

Add up to 4 additional users keeping workout stats and settings separately – making iFit interactive training outstanding value for a family or any shared living situation where you have multiple people wanting to exercise.


Proform Plus .  Get your Proform Treadmill Free . Subscribe for a monthly 3 year membership of iFit
Proform Plus. Get your Proform Treadmill Free. Subscribe for a monthly 3 year membership of iFit

A Proform Treadmill is a good pick for any home gym. The Carbon T7 is a durable, quiet and powerful treadmill with a 2.75 CHP motor that can stand up to multiple users and longer workouts. The 7” HD touchscreen let you easily scroll through options and see your stats. The motor is self-cooling and has speeds up to 12 mph and supports up to 12% incline which works well with iFit Trainer-led destinations runs when you encounter trail inclines and hills. The Carbon T7 has a simple fold-up design feature to minimize space when not in use. It also features a ProShox cushioning option to ease the impact on your knees, back, hips and joints. The Carbon T7 Treadmill comes with 10-Year warranty on the Frame, 2-Year Parts, & 1-Year Labor Warranty.

Love my Proform Carbon T7 Treadmill

“ I love the shock resistance while I’m running. Love all the videos so I can choose to do a quick run or a long nice walk. Very happy so far with everything about my treadmill.

— Sunni, LA. 04-02-2019


Get a Free Proform Studio Limited  Pro with Proform Plus. Just subscribe for a 3 year membership to iFit and get access elite trainers with your bike
Get a Free Proform Studio Limited Pro with Proform Plus. Just subscribe for a 3 year membership to iFit and get access elite trainers with your bike

Not into Running or power walking then the Proform Studio Bike Limited is like having an indoor cycling studio right in your home with its 10” Smart Touchscreen Display in HD. This bike has 22 digital levels of resistance that are smooth, friction-less, and silent with its Silent Magnetic Resistance. The flywheel is made to perform with a fast gear ratio weighted to deliver a natural biking experience. With iFit classes streamed directly to the bikes console you can take studio classes, mountain rides and scenic destination rides with an elite trainer leading the way any time you feel like it at home. Trainers can also adjust your resistance to match what they are doing in studio class or to match the terrain encountered as you ride a trail or up hill climb segment.

In addition, iFit also offers off-the-bike strength and yoga classes for total body training beyond the the bike. The Studio Bike Limited is a solid option to consider. You get the excellent real class trainers and a comfortable, sturdy bike that can take you to studio classes or ride a variety of cool and exotic locations – it’s unlikely you’ll be bored riding on your Proform Studio Bike Limited with iFit.

Don’t be surprised if you choose your next vacation based on your favorite workout! And the Studio Bike Limited comes with two 3-lb weights for your strength training, boot camp and off the bike workouts. You get the all the features of the latest trendy spin bike plus so many more trainer led bike destination rides for $39/month including free shipping. If biking is your thing
this is a great option to go with.



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