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CV12000 Blue Central Vacuum Power Unit

The New Prolux Central Vacuum is one of the best central vacuum systems made. The Prolux Central Vacuum system cleaners not only improve the value of your home but they also improve the health of your family by removing dirt and allergens from the air in your home. This is done by using a Micron and HEPA filtration system. Using the industries best motor (with an amazing 130 CFM of power); this could be the most powerful vacuum in the US. With the extremely powerful Amtek 2 Stage motor and the steel design of the Prolux Central Vacuum System, this high end kit was made to last for many years to come. This unit also comes complete with the 30 ft. hose tool and Prolux power nozzle hose kit. It is a common practice today for home builders to add the central vacuum piping to the home but that is it. Then all you have to do is attach the central vacuum unit and plug in your power nozzle hose kit. This has both of those so if your home already has the tubing installed this is all you need.

  • Prolux central vacuum system does not use bags but has 3 levels of filtration, it has the bag less dirt chamber (clear view window to know when its full), the washable micron pre filter and the washable HEPA filter
  • Amtek 2 stage by pass motor produces over an amazing 150 cu. ft. per minute of airflow, the Amtek motors are designed to last for decades and are UL certified for safety
  • Accessories- includes the quiet muffler system and also includes the end pipe (not needed if you’re pumping your air outside), mounting to your wall is super easy with included mounting bracket (4 screws not included)
  • Powder coated steel construction, no wonder it comes with a 25 year warranty on all steel body parts
  • Easy use with any brand of central vacuum unit and is compatible on both regular wall plug in and 2 pin direct connect styles, 3 way switch on handle controls the vacuum unit and your 5 level height adjustable power head
  • 30 ft. hose and power head kit has a 1 year bumper to bumper warranty and a 2 year motor warranty
  • Prolux central vacuum system; includes the garage vacuum port; as central vacuums normally are mounted in the garage this extra port allows you to install an extra hose (also sold by Prolux) just for vacuuming your cars, garage or shop
  • With the powerful Amtek 2 stage bypass motor this vacuum is rated for a home up to 12,000 sq. ft. (hose or piping not included)
  • External muffler included for quiet operation, the user may also remove the external muffler if they wish to hook a hose up for blowing or inflating
  • With the 30 ft. hose you get a 3 way switch, 6 step height adjustable power nozzle with LED lights, floor tool with height switch that allows you to use on everything from plush carpet to hard surfaces
  • Other tools: crevice tool, upholstery tool (with slide off brushes), duster tool, on board caddy and high quality telescopic wand, it also comes with a large nylon tool storage and a hose hanger that will keep your hose out of the way
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  • California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

I’ll begin this review by saying this is my third central vacuum installation, all were post-construction. I began by running a 20 amp. 12 gauge wire circuit to where the power unit would be installed in the basement of our single story home. The power unit draws 11.6 amps. and the powered nozzle draws 2.5 amps., so I wanted to make sure the units had good electrical supply since they are supplied by the same circuit. If the installation were a rough in situation, the 120 VAC would be taken from an outlet near the wall inlet. I’m sure a standard 15 amp. supply would work OK, especially if you use the pigtail option for the hose. The installation I did uses direct connect inlets and hose, so there is a 120 VAC circuit at each inlet in addition to the low voltage circuit that controls the power unit from the hose handle. I used Hayden Supervalve wall inlets for this installation. The hose came with the necessary parts to convert it from pigtail to direct connect use which took about 5 minutes. The hose has a three way switch on the handle. This allows you to turn the power unit on/off and turn the power nozzle on/off. I mounted the CV12000 power unit on a wall in the basement centered under the floor plan. This allows the piping runs to be as short as possible to minimize the suction losses and I used both side ports on the power unit. I also did not use the close 90 degree elbows in the piping runs, only 45s & sweep 90s. This installation has four inlets on the main floor and the one on the power unit in the basement. This unit is the quietest central vacuum I’ve owned. It’s also the most powerful one. The noise level when running is 70 decibels @ 4’ distance and is not heard at all upstairs when running. The exhaust is piped outside through the supplied muffler and the exhaust noise is virtually silent. The power nozzle makes less noise than our old Dyson DC65 Animal, but picks up far better. This system cleans far better than any upright vacuum we have owned. The WesselWerk EBK360 power nozzle rolls easily, is easier to steer than the Dyson and is heavy enough to maintain good contact with the flooring. The power nozzle is also low enough to slide under beds and chairs. Something you can’t easily do with most upright vacuums. The bag less dust bin is very neat and easy to empty. I just put a small trash bag over it and dump the contents. I’ve had both bagged and bag less central vacuums and prefer the bag less system. The three stage filter system in the CV12000 works quite well. Over the years, not having to make sure to always have spare bags on hand is worthwhile, not to mention less expensive. The accessory set that comes with this package is very complete even containing a second, non powered wand for use with non powered accessories. I added a hose sock to keep the hose from marking wall corners and to allow it to slide more easily on hard surfaces floors, but if the system is laid out so the hose is not being stretched, you may not need one. The powered hose, telescoping wand, and power nozzle all connect with locking connectors to maintain good electrical contact. The connectors unlock with ease if needed. All in all, a great central vacuum system and we are looking forward to many years of use from it.Was this helpful?10



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