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Peloton Bike vs. S22i Studio Cycle

Which Bike is the best choice for you?

Peloton Bike or Commercial S22i Studio Cycle? That’s the question. To decide which bike may be a better fit for you it comes down to a series of preferences, your own preferences. So to help you make that maybe.yes.no decision we cover what we believe are key areas to break down a comparison examining these three areas: The Rider Experience, The Bike and The Trainers.



Spin Classes

The Peloton bike classes are energetic spin classes with two options: On-demand and Live. Music plays a important role in the experience and feel of each class – no two are alike as trainers select their preferred theme and song collections and inject their personality into a session. The leader-board sets a competitive vibe showing you your class standing compared to others. Fellow riders will give you “High Fives” via your bike console and trainers call out individuals all to support, motivate and provide encouragement. The company celebrates your 100th ride with a coveted commemorative t-shirt and there’s badges to achieve as you amass more rides and hit milestones. This group energy can seriously embrace you to achieve personal bests. Dedicated Peloton riders record weight loss and report feeling totally energized. The Peloton is more soul searching with enthusiastic cult-like community dynamics.

Peloton Instructor Ali Love

Peloton  Touchscreen ConsolePeloton Touchscreen Console


The Nordictrack Commercial S22i bike experience is powered by iFit and gives you many options to choose from with rides that vary by terrain, difficulty, trainer, length and class type. S22i class options offered can be best categorized into four types: studio classes, road races, google maps (where you create your own routes) and trainer led mountain-path, trail and scenic rides.

Studio Classes:

iFit Trainer, Giddy Akande, leads a  Nordictrack S22i Cycle Studio Class
iFit Trainer, Giddy Akande, leads a Nordictrack S22i Cycle Studio Class

Nordictrack’s Studio classes are group sessions that focus on HIIT interval training. These are not music experiences, but are led by professional trainers that coach and work hard to keep you focused, motivated and challenged. They inspire, push and keep the conversation going as you ride along. There are sections of the class where you use weights or get off the bike for a total body workout. You feel the energy of the group, but it also feels like its a one on one with the trainer – A Cool vibe for getting a serious workout!

Nordictrack S22i
Nordictrack S22i

Nordictrack S22i

iFit Studio Class

Road Races

This next type is very similar to a real road race. You can select well known races like the Tour de France where you traverse on your bike as your trainer guides along the famous multi-stage course. There are varying resistance levels created by hills, inclines, declines and sprints. You can select the length and difficulty. Your trainer both leading the way and working alongside you. The ability of S22i bike to incline and decline really sets it apart, providing a more immerse experience so you feel like you are riding outside – we discuss more on this aspect later.

Trainer led road races on the Commercial  S22i Studio Cycle  are powered by iFit. Like the  LOTOJA CLASSIC.  A challenging, scenic ride with diverse terrain. Be prepared to do some climbing during this 206 mile course that starts in Logan, UT and ends in Teton Village, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Trainer led road races on the Commercial S22i Studio Cycle are powered by iFit. Like the LOTOJA CLASSIC. A challenging, scenic ride with diverse terrain. Be prepared to do some climbing during this 206 mile course that starts in Logan, UT and ends in Teton Village, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Google Maps Routes

Ride your S22i with iFit using Google Maps
Ride your S22i with iFit using Google Maps

Create your own via Google Maps. You can build your own route you currently ride or would like to ride – pick a famous one like the Great Ocean Road, in Victoria Australia, or one from the old neighborhood you used to ride. These can be saved to build your own library. Many users in the community share routes with the iFit community board or on Facebook. Levels of difficulty can be as easy, hard or as crazy as you want! There are no trainers involved so this is more of “on your own” ride – where you can challenge other iFit members to ride along or on their own, then later share and compare results!

Trainer Led Destination Rides

The final type of iFit bike class is the trainer led destination ride. These rides take you across the globe to interesting and spectacular locations. Trainers lead you on scenic rides or take you on actual road races or off-roading through mountain roads, paths and bike trails. Your trainer cycles with you leading the way through varying inclines, declines and intensity while dropping interesting location points along the way. These are pro trainers, each with their own distinct personality and will definitely keep you engaged. It’s a great option to get a solid workout in with loads of interesting destinations to choose from in Australia, Indonesia, Iceland, Switzerland, Italy and New Zealand to name some.

Adventure with iFit powered trainer-led destination rides on the  Nordictrack Commercial S22i .   Locations look stunning on the touchscreen makes it so fun to ride
Adventure with iFit powered trainer-led destination rides on the Nordictrack Commercial S22i.Locations look stunning on the touchscreen makes it so fun to ride

Our RECOMMENDED Experience Choice

The winner in experience between the two bike options is not easy to give as the two are so different. As mentioned at the start it’s more a matter of your preference. If you want to ride your bike beyond studio classes, stay fit or loose weight go with the Nordictrack S22i Studio Cycle powered by iFit – if you are primarily are looking for music themed group spin classes and class camaraderie the Peloton, with Peloton digital, is probably more your speed.



The Peloton Bike  is more music Spin Class oriented. Weights are not included

The Peloton bike is a classic spin bike with silent magnetic resistance and a 22” touchscreen. The resistance is controlled by turning a knob mounted on the cross bar. A popular feature of Peloton riders is the leader-board which you can watch during both on-demand and live classes. All your stats from every ride are recorded and your progress easily viewed by the numbers and nicely presented charts.

nordictrack vs peloton
Peloton Leader-Board

Peloton Bike has a holder for weights, to be purchased separately. The pedals are Look Delta clip-in’s and you will also have to buy specialty shoes to use this bike.
The seat and handlebars can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally and there are dual water bottle holders.

Peloton Accessories for purchase include weights & clip-in shoes which are required to use the bike

The Peloton bike Warranty breaks-out out as follows:

Frame: 5 years
Screen: 1 year
Parts: 1 year
Labor: 1 year

Similar to the Peloton bike Nordictrack’s Commercial S22i offers additional features and options you may want to consider when comparing the two.

nordictrack s22i
Nordictrack S22i Studio Cycle includes weights and 1 year iFit membership

First, the Nordictrack S22i has a 360 degree swivel 22” touchscreen. You can also tilt and swivel the screen for off-the-bike when cross-training. This swivel feature allows you to more access to view on-screen trainers as you follow along off-the-bike or on your mat. You can more easily watch and follow the trainer’s yoga moves, stretches and other strength training classes.

Another major differential feature the Nordictrack S22i offers is a +20% Real-time incline and -10% decline built into the bike for realistic road simulation and a more challenging workout. This is really a interesting option that adds another dimension and reality to your ride and training. Additionally iFit trainers can automatically adjust your resistance, incline, decline and speed in-effect adding real-time trainer control so you can just concentrate on your workout. In fact the bike syncs with the studio class or terrain you’re cycling through. Of course you can choose to opt out and make your own adjustment decisions via touchscreen or the one touch controls on the handlebars.

A frequently asked question is “does Peloton automatically adjust incline resistance or speed?” — the answer is no — Peloton does not automatically adjust, resistance incline or speed to sync with studio classes or destination rides.

This feature does make the Nordictrack S22i standout over the Peloton.



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